FSCM PUM Image 12

FSCM PUM Image 12


With PeopleSoft 9.2, new features and enhancements are delivered periodically in PeopleSoft Update Images. Last month Oracle released Image 12 for PeopleSoft FSCM. Each new Image demonstrates Oracle’s continued commitment to its PeopleSoft application and its PeopleSoft customers.

A few notable enhancements are in the area of Work Centers and Mobile Approvals. You can get the complete list from the FSCM PUM Homepage on Oracle Customer Support; you will need your Oracle user name and password. But here is a brief list of some of the enhancements:


Product Component Subject Description
Asset Management ENH:AM WORKCENTER: DISPLAY AND PROCESS TRANSACTIONS PENDING JOURNAL GENERATION The new My Work link of Process Journal Generate allows authorized users to review and submit Asset Management accounting entries for journal generation.
Cash Management ENH: TREASURY DEALS AND TREASURY SETTLEMENTS MAP APPROVAL Enabled mobile approval for Treasury on Mobile Approvals Platform (MAP).
Real Estate Management ENH:AUDIT OPERATING EXPENSES The Operating Expenses (Common Area Maintenance fees) audit/reconciliation component now provides for a final manual adjustment field, so an authorized user can add or subtract an amount off the final total. This can be used in cases where a final adjustment needs to be made at the end of the worksheet, rather than individually adjusting each row.   In addition, a new, configurable audit status field has been added beyond the processing status of the worksheet. This audit status provides a new visual indicator to users that even though a CAM payment was made, perhaps there still needs to be subsequent follow up to validate the amount paid at a future date.
Strategic Sourcing ENH: DOWNLOAD BIDDER ATTACHMENTS The Download Bidder Attachments enhancement allows users to download all Strategic Sourcing bid response attachments for all or selected bidders. The system automatically creates one .zip file for all selected bidder attachments with folders corresponding to sourcing event structure for logical viewing.
Order Management ENH: PRICING MANAGER’S WORK CENTER Order Management’s Enterprise Pricer contains very robust functionality for configuring your pricing programs using flexible, user-definable criteria to model multiple pricing models. Much of the information around pricing was scattered in various setup and transaction-centric menus. With the Pricing Manager’s WorkCenter, all pricing-related functionality is put into the Pricing Manager’s WorkCenter one place with easy-to-access links for one-stop management of an organization’s pricing. In addition, a new Margin Analysis Dashboard and Pricing-related Alerts were created to allow Pricing Managers to see how effective their pricing programs are, and to enable them to proactive monitor when the organization is not meeting margin goals.


Have you upgraded to PeopleSoft 9.2 yet? We are happy to assist you. If you would like more information about upgrading to 9.2, FSCM PUM Image 12, or have any questions about PeopleSoft, please reach out to me via email at Larry.zagata@miproconsulting.com.