HCM Fluid Enhancements – Image 22

HCM Fluid Enhancements – Image 22

Did you know in Image 22 there are a minimum of 7 new HCM Fluid enhancements, more if you break it down granularly into specific functionality. PeopleSoft continues to expand the use of Fluid and improve the end user experience tremendously across the HCM platform.

We have summarized the new higher level HCM Fluid enhancements from the Image 22 update PDF here:

  • Fluid Absence Self Service: The components now allow the users to inquire the eligibility and forecasting results for employees and managers. The user interface is streamlined to inquire the results in a more intuitive manner. Additionally, any customized forecast messages can now be displayed.
  • ePay: Fluid consent for electronic W-2/W-2c forms. United States employees can now use the PeopleSoft Fluid User Interface to give or withdraw consent for electronic W-2 and W-2c year-end forms.
  • Global Payroll: Fluid self-service for ePay global payroll banking. PeopleSoft ePay now enables your employees to review, edit, and add bank account and payment distribution information using the PeopleSoft Fluid User Interface.
  • Employee Snapshot enhancements: With Image 22, Employee Snapshot now includes additional tiles, pages, and the new Performance Review dashboard to review an employee’s skill sets and responsibilities. These tiles and pages include a view of an employee’s:
    • Personal competencies
    • Honors and awards
    • Responsibilities
    • Licenses and certifications
    • Special projects
  • PeopleSoft Fluid User Interface also enables talent administrators to determine configuration options for the Employee Snapshot.
  • Candidate Gateway: PeopleSoft Update Image 22 also includes additional usability enhancements for Candidate Gateway:
    • The My Job Applications page now shows a status of not eligible if the applicant failed prescreening and was therefore unable to complete the job application. (Fluid and Classic)
    • The Application Summary page now includes a contextual header that identifies the job or jobs for which the applicant applied. (Fluid only)
    • Informational text related to keyword searches and search results has been improved. (Fluid only)
  • Time and Labor Manager Self-Service: The PeopleSoft Time and Labor Manager Self-Service pages enable the managers to enter time and review weekly, payable time, and leave balances using a Fluid User Interface.

If you would like additional information regarding the HCM Fluid enhancements, please contact me at larry.zagata@miproconsulting.com.

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