Fluid Dashboards

Fluid Dashboards

FLUID Dashboards

There has been a lot of discussion on new functionality and features with Fluid User Interface (FUI) that have been delivered since the release of PeopleTools 8.54. Now with the release of Tools 8.55, FUI extends itself into the technology area in several ways:

  • PeopleTools Health Center
  • PUM Dashboard
  • FLUID Dashboards
  • FLUID Related Content

PeopleTools 8.55 introduces FLUID Dashboards, the PeopleSoft Fluid User Interface counterpart to Classic Dashboards. We have talked in a number of blogs and videos about the classic dashboards and now with PeopleTools 8.55, we have the ability to extend those dashboards to FLUID tiles allowing access to key information from mobile devices…very cool (and useful) stuff!

FLUID Homepages/Dashboards and Classic Homepages/Dashboards have many similar characteristics.
From PeopleBooks:

  • They are equivalent in function to their classic counterparts.
  • They are managed in the same manner as their classic counterparts. Whereas we arranged “pagelets” on classic dashboards, we arrange “tiles” on FLUID Dashboards.
  • Their definitions are stored in the portal registry accessed through the Structure and Content component.

Despite all of their similarities, there are some important differences between FLUID Homepages and Dashboards and their Classic counterparts:

  • FLUID Homepages can be configured as required or optional; Classic Homepages cannot.
  • For performance reasons, certain types of tiles are restricted for use on FLUID Dashboards only, and cannot be displayed on FLUID Homepages.

From PeopleBooks, the following chart identifies features/functionality available for FLUID Homepages, FLUID Dashboards, Classic Homepages and Classic Dashboards.

FLUID Dashboard

Extending Classic Dashboards to FLUID serves to continuously improve and extend upon the end-user experience and freshness of PeopleSoft to be leveraged on mobile devices. Designed properly, users can log in on their mobile devices and have key information required to make informed business decisions available at their fingertips.

If you would like additional information on FLUID Dashboards, please reach out to me at larry.zagata@miproconsulting.com.

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