PeopleSoft Payables Operations – Fluid Content and Fluid Metrics

PeopleSoft Payables Operations – Fluid Content and Fluid Metrics

Payables Operations Fluid content and Fluid metrics is new with FSCM Image 24. The payables metrics can be analyzed in five primary categories: Invoice Processing, Payment Processing, Team, Supplier, and Exception Metrics. Managers can see all relevant metrics, personalized and parameterized, showing the exact information they need.

The Payables Operations Homepage looks like the following as delivered:

On the Homepage the user will find:

  • Accounts Payable Navigation Collection: Contains the relevant content for the payables job function.
  • AP WorkCenter: The new and relevant Fluid Accounts Payable WorkCenter.
  • Approvals: Approvals Fluid tile provides access to not just payables workflow approvals but all approvals setup.
  • Voucher Approval Cycle Time Pivot Grid: Fluid pivot grid provides information on voucher. dollars processed and processing time.
  • Average Payment Days: Provides information on voucher payment days.
  • Late Payments: Provides information on late voucher payments.
  • Team Metrics: Provides team information in terms of how many vouchers team members are processing, dollar amounts, etc.
  • Operational Analysis: Operational Analysis provides the details and metrics that an AP organization will want to understand and utilize to ensure efficient operations.
    • Invoice Creation Cycle Time
    • Voucher Volume
    • Payments by Type
    • Cancelled Payments
    • Vouchers on Hold
    • Vouchers Deleted
    • Supplier Metrics

The Supplier Metrics show which suppliers have been added and/or updated and by whom. Of course with the pivot grid capabilities, filters can be applied and updated to refine the data.

These are great improvements to the Accounts Payable product and provide additional Fluid capabilities and improved end user experience. As with everything, additional Fluid tiles and Fluid pivot grids can be configured and added to the Payables Operations Homepage.

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