MIPRO Workshop: Business Intelligence Requirements Gathering

MIPRO Workshop: Business Intelligence Requirements Gathering

If our server logs are credible, Business Intelligence requirements gathering continues to be one of the most highly searched terms and asked-about BI subjects that we encounter.  We have authored several posts on this subject, including outlining at a high level the MIPRO approach to ensure business intelligence requirements are gathered and assessed appropriately. This is a huge step that’s very buzzword-worthy, but so many organizations fall down on it.

But while we have written about this subject at length and have had many conversations with clients, we have not discussed our workshop designed to help organizations enhance their business intelligence requirements gathering capabilities.  It’s quick, focused and provides immediate value, but most of all it gets a BI project blueprinted at the requirements level in the proper way.

What you’re reading now will attempt to give you a summary description of how we can accomplish that goal through a one-day, client-specific workshop. What follows is an outline of what the workshop is comprised of and delivers; there’s so much more to it that cannot be written here.

Goals and Objectives

The objectives of the BI requirements gathering workshop are:

  • Provide a better understanding of business intelligence requirements gathering: what it means beyond the jargon hype, why every organization needs to do it, why most organizations fail at this stage
  • Identify and explain how BI requirements gathering is different than other IT requirements gathering
  • Establish a new baseline process for the organization from which to build that client’s specific BI requirements gathering process
  • Create an interactive, “hands-on” experience to allow to the client to apply workshop teachings to their process map and organization
  • Improve the client’s BI requirements gathering procedures, templates and deliverables

Workshop Agenda

The workshop agenda is again tailored specific to each client’s needs; however this sample agenda represents some of the typical content required to achieve the workshop’s goals and objectives.

  • Project purpose, scope and definition
  • Why are we here? and What will we accomplish?
  • Treating business intelligence requirements as an official project
  • Creating a Mission Statement
  • Establishing and defining project objectives
  • BI requirements gathering overview and introduction to the MIPRO process
  • Reviewing the “6 key questions”.  Why are they important?
  • Identifying and defining interdependencies
  • Interactive participation preparation
  • Interactive assignment
  • Assignment Review
  • Deliverable Review


The primary deliverables of the workshop include but are not limited to:

  • Workshop PowerPoint (PPT) summary deck
  • Workshop participant materials
  • BI Requirements gathering samples
  • Workshop session results
  • Sample template for requirements gathering results and approval

Through this one-day, tailored, interactive workshop we can provide you with the foundation to improve your business requirements gathering techniques and tools. Most organizations are surprised that despite their best controls, the number one reason most BI projects fail or get torpedoed is due to weak requirements gathering.

I’d love to chat with you. If you would like further information regarding this BI requirements gathering workshop, please contact me at larry.zagata@miproconsulting.com.  Available calendar dates for these can fill up quickly, so if you’re interested please drop me an email at your earliest convenience.


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