PeopleTools 8.60: Oracle releases PeopleTools 8.60 on OCI

PeopleTools 8.60: Oracle releases PeopleTools 8.60 on OCI

PeopleTools 8.60 was released on OCI on October 14, 2022.  You can read the blog announcement here: The blog provides many links to everything for Tools 8.60 information.

Here are few highlights we find interesting from the release notes about some of these features.

  • Availability of Drop Zone Fields in Component Interfaces: Beginning with PeopleTools 8.60, the fields from your custom subpages that are dynamically added to the component buffer at runtime can be made available in component interfaces, but they are not by default.
  • Mask Sensitive Data in PeopleCode Trace Files: PeopleTools now enables you to mask passwords and sensitive or personally identifiable (PII) data in PeopleCode trace files. Use the Do Not Trace Value check box on the Record Field Properties page in Application Designer to identify and ensure proper masking of passwords and any potential sensitive or PII record fields owned by PeopleTools.
  • Global Search: In PeopleTools 8.60, global search is available in all PeopleSoft pages. On homepages, it is presented in its expanded form, enabling you to choose a category, enter your search terms, and perform an advanced search. When you navigate to dashboards and transaction pages, global search is presented in its muted form. You can select the muted global search bar to activate global search.
  • Mark Complete Notifications Action: In PeopleTools 8.60, you can mark selected actionable notifications as complete and remove them from the Notifications panel without navigating to the transaction page by clicking the Mark Complete button. This option is available in the Actions section of the Notification panel on the homepage as well as on the View All Notifications page.
  • Notify Option: In PeopleTools 8.60, you can now send notifications from fluid components by using the Notify link from the Actions menu of a fluid component. You can use the Notify option to send notifications to other users in-app, as an email, or as a text message.
  • Configurable Search: PeopleTools 8.60 introduces Configurable Search to provide a consistent search experience for users in classic and fluid components. Administrators can use configurable search to configure search properties for components that use standard or keyword search reducing the dependency on Application Designer. In this release, PeopleTools delivers two search pages: one for classic components and another for fluid components. The new configuration page enables you to configure the presentation of the search page.
  • Data Masking at the Query Level for Global Search and Kibana In PeopleTools 8.60, you can mask personally identifiable information or sensitive data for restricted users in Global Search and in Kibana. Data that is masked at the query level will be restricted for display in these two features.
  • Improved Access Logging: System administrators use queries on the Review Security Information page to track user log-in and log-out activity. In addition to tracking log in and log out times, the queries have been enhanced with more information about each session and the reason the session ended. The queries include the following information:
    • Sign on Type describes whether the user has signed on in PIA.
    • TRID, or tracing ID, uniquely identifies a user session.
    • Sign out Reason o User abandoned means that a user closes the browser’s last PIA page without signing out or puts a new URL in the current PIA page and navigates away to another web site.
    • Browser expired means that the browser window times out due to inactivity and sends the web server notice of the expiration event.
    • User logout means that the user actively signs out of PIA.
    • User re-login means that while the user was signed on, a new login arrived for the same or another user.
    • Not set or other is set when none of the above reasons apply.

There are many new features in PeopleTools 8.60.  The release notes provide all the details and should be reviewed to see the complete list of overall features delivered.

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