Kibana Analytics

Kibana Analytics

HCM PUM Image 40 included Kibana Analytics for Maintenance Management, Work Order Assignment and Work Order Maintenance History.

Let’s explore – the first dashboard is the Work Order Assignment dashboard. This dashboard consists of 7 visualizations. We can filter by WO BU, AM BU, Technician, Status, WO Type, Priority, Shop, Craft, Maintenance Type, Criticality, Asset Type, Asset Subtype. As you filter, the filter will apply across all visualizations.

1. Future workload by technician/criticality (note no data in the demo database for this visualization).

2. Technician past performance.   This visualization looks at scheduled vs. actual work hours and can be filtered by technician.

3. Task status by due date.  Dates are listed and categories include:  complete, work in progress, awaiting schedule, new and assigned.

4. WO unassigned by task/shop/asset location.

5. Overdue PM’s by technician.

6. Overdue unassigned PM’s by shop.

7. Work order task details.  Contains the details and a link back to the task in PeopleSoft MM.

This dashboard can provide insight for the proactive management of work orders as well as looking into the past for performance related to work orders.

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