PeopleSoft Test Framework Drivers

PeopleSoft Test Framework Drivers

For those of you utilizing PeopleSoft Test Framework, a nice announcement via blog was made a few weeks ago in December.

While the blog provides all the details required to explain how to update drivers, the primary good news message is that drivers can now be updated, reducing the impact of needing to keep your organization on the same browser for the sake of PTF. 

From the blog:

PeopleSoft Test Framework delivered browser drivers in PeopleTools releases, but by the time users get it, the drivers can become outdated.  Browsers like Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge deliver updates more frequently than updates to PTF and the delivered drivers.  Generally, these browsers get auto-updated to the newer versions frequently, and PTF will need the compatible browser drivers to run their test scripts.  Without compatible drivers, PTF fails to record or playback test cases.  To solve this problem, PTF delivered a feature that enables user to download browser drivers as per their updated browser version.

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