HCM Fluid Pages

HCM Fluid Pages

Our blog today will cover the common HCM Fluid Pages. Many of these HCM Fluid Pages are about personalization but also include common Fluid Approval Pages. The common Fluid Pages are primarily self-service Homepages along with approvals.

From here you will find the links to the HCM and FSCM delivered Fluid Homepages which is essentially links into PeopleBooks. We will continue over the next few blogs, to update what is currently available through Image 21.

All of the bullets below are active links which will take you directly to the page in PeopleBooks.

Fluid Page Image Delivered Comments
Pending Approvals Page Image 20 See also Administering Approvals
Pending Approvals – <Transaction Details> Page Image 20 See also Administering Approvals
Approvals History Page Image 20 See also Administering Approvals
Approvals History – <Transaction Details> Page Image 20 See also Administering Approvals
File Definitions Page Image 18 The File Integration Framework feature is a guided process that assists users in generating Flat files.
HR Notification Page (Fluid) Image 20 Classic Page – HR Notification Page (Classic)
Employee Self-Service Home Page Image 9
Manager Self Service Home Page Image 9
Talent Administrator Home Page Image 17
Workforce Administrator Home Page Image 17

There is a lot of good information on the Fluid User Interface key concepts page accessible at PeopleSoftinfo.com. This page has links and content for everything Fluid. One of the most useful links is the listing of everything that is available in HCM and FSCM in Fluid.   The exact page can be found here.

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