Personalization of Fluid WorkCenters

Personalization of Fluid WorkCenters

You have the ability to personalize Fluid WorkCenters just like personalizing Classic WorkCenters is also possible. As a refresher, previously we wrote the following three-part blog series on the personalization and configuration of Classic WorkCenters:

As seen below, the GL Fluid WorkCenter has Scope enabled providing for specific content to be displayed on the WorkCenter.  The user can define the Scope for WorkCenter.

Users can drill down to define the specific parameters for their scope.

Users can switch between their defined scopes.

Additionally, users can personalize their content.

Users are able to define specific links and queries by choosing what to display in the delivered groups and by adding groups.

In summary, users have the ability to make Fluid WorkCenters specific to their job function through the use of scope (filters), additional groups, and links to functionality, reports, and queries.

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