PeopleSoft Classic Plus Support Schedule

PeopleSoft Classic Plus Support Schedule

For those that have not made a transition to Fluid or have partially made the transition to Fluid, it is important to know the PeopleSoft Classic Plus support schedule. For the Classic Plus pages that have a Fluid replacement, there is a specific schedule of when they were de-supported and when they will be de-supported in the future. 

Again, the de-support only applies when there has been a Fluid page to replace the Classic Plus page.  Knowing this support schedule can help your organization better plan and prioritize the move to Fluid. 

You will need your My Oracle Support password to access this page, but you can find the support schedule here

A quick snippet shows the application, product, Classic Plus page and the Fluid replacement.  You will find a list by de-support date.

Support schedule snippet

If you would like more information on the PeopleSoft Classic Plus support schedule, please reach out to me at

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