A Hybrid Solution: Oracle PeopleSoft + Oracle Cloud

A Hybrid Solution: Oracle PeopleSoft + Oracle Cloud

oracle peoplesoft oracle cloud

It’s one of the most common conversations taking place between IT, finance and HR for any PeopleSoft customer. The system has been customized over the years and some of those customizations are critical to the company. But the functionality feels outdated and the total cost of ownership is growing. So what do you do?

Nationwide Building Society evaluated their options and found a perfect solution. After taking a look at SAP and Workday, they decided to leverage the significant investments they had made in PeopleSoft over the years, take advantage of the newest technology in 9.2 and insert some Cloud elements where it could add the most value. In Nationwide’s case it was Talent Management.

This is getting your cake and being able to eat it too. The full story can be found here: http://diginomica.com/2016/02/15/nationwide-takes-hybrid-approach-to-hr-it/

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