Leverage Selective Adoption

Leverage Selective Adoption

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Are you a PeopleSoft 9.2 customer? Have you developed a Selective Adoption strategy? If your answer is “no” to developing a selective adoption strategy – you are not alone!

Many organizations are still stuck in the old mindset of only looking at new PeopleSoft functionality every several years. PeopleSoft customers have grown accustomed to looking forward to the upgrade process that their organization would undergo every five years or so to stay current and covered under the Oracle support plans. These upgrades were time consuming, not only for the IT departments, but also for the business users they supported.

With PeopleSoft 9.2, waiting for those lengthy upgrades is a thing of the past. Now you have the opportunity (responsibility) to stay current, as well as reaping the benefits of adding new functionality with each new PI (PeopleSoft Image.) These releases have been coming out roughly every ten weeks, and to avoid having to go through the lengthy process of evaluating, retrofitting required customizations, testing and deploying, customers need to stay on top of applying the PIs on a regular cycle.

This new PeopleSoft environment requires a change in the mindset of all customers.

We recommend that organizations become much more proactive in embracing Selective Adoption (SA). Business Analysts (BAs) should take the time to review each image as it is released to determine if any of the new features could replace some of their existing customizations, as well as work with their business users to determine if they want to take advantage of any new functionality. The increased role of the BAs leads executives to analyze their organization and evaluate whether a change to their staff model will best support their users in this new environment. Many of our customers are finding that the new PeopleSoft functionality replaces their existing customizations, and some members of their development team can be repurposed to a BA role.

Selective Adoption is a fundamental model change that also requires a fundamental shift in how organizations think about their PeopleSoft applications. The IT department and business owners/users will be working together to select features that drive the business. MIPRO offers a Selective Adoption Strategy Workshop to customers to help them understand and implement a plan that will work best for their organizations.

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