Improvements to PeopleSoft Procurement

Improvements to PeopleSoft Procurement

Marc Weintraub (Senior Director of Product Strategy for PeopleSoft) recently spoke with Alexa Masters (Product Strategy Director, PS Procurement) to talk about the advancement of PeopleSoft Procurement solutions in 9.2.

The three main challenges facing PeopleSoft Procurement organizations today are Spend Creep, Supplier & Contract Compliance, and the Technology to manage the process. In this video, Alexa explains the measures that have been taken to improve the products and meet these challenges for their customers.

Alexa also address the importance of mobility in requisitioning. PeopleSoft, using the FUI, offers an intuitive user experience optimized for smart phones, tablets and even for use on the desktop. This makes procurement a more efficient process from requisitions to approvals and all the way to receiving orders.

There have also been improvements to Supplier Contracts with the addition of the Supplier Contracts Workbench as well as the Sourcing & Contract WorkCenter. By utilizing these new features available to 9.2, customers are able to see vast improvements in their Procurement organizations by reducing risk and improving data management.

Watch the video here:

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