PeopleSoft Conferences: Getting the Most Value for Your Money

PeopleSoft Conferences: Getting the Most Value for Your Money


MIPRO Consulting has been a PeopleSoft consulting services provider for over 10 years. In my role as the VP of Alliances for MIPRO, I have the privilege of attending many of the events that are hosted by Oracle and also those hosted by their customer user groups. You know which ones there are – Oracle sponsored events such as the behemoth OpenWorld, industry-specific (e.g. Alliance for Higher Education and HIUG for Healthcare), and product-line specific (e.g. HCM World). Like most organizations, each year we have more options for events than we can attend and each year it has become more difficult to decide how to optimize both our money and our time. So which ones do I go to if I am a PeopleSoft customer? How are they different?

My observation is that the events or shows that are put on by Oracle have morphed into “all Cloud, all of the time, right now” events. These events are important to help you understand Oracle’s direction and their vision of the future. But if you go past the surface and dig deep, you will find that Oracle remains very committed to their longtime customers like the PeopleSoft customer base. And this is evident in the substantial investment for the recent innovations made to the PeopleSoft product, including things like PUM and the Fluid User Interface.

The events that are put on by the organizations that represent the customer user groups are very different. If you are a PeopleSoft customer and you attend Alliance for Higher Education or HIUG (Interact for Healthcare organizations,) the vibe is much different from the Oracle-sponsored “Cloud” events. You have the opportunity to connect with other PeopleSoft customers and attend breakout sessions led by customers, consulting firms, and Oracle. It is all PeopleSoft, all the time.

That’s my 2 cents… hope it helps as you decide how to help your organization make the most out of its dollars!
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As always, let MIPRO be your go-to partner for anything PeopleSoft. Feel free to contact Larry Zagata with any questions.

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