Gartner Confirms MIPRO’s Commitment to PeopleSoft

Gartner Confirms MIPRO’s Commitment to PeopleSoft

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In 2005, MIPRO made a commitment to the PeopleSoft platform and the organizations that use the PeopleSoft solution. Over the years we’ve tested the waters of other solutions, but we continued to come back to our passion – PeopleSoft.

In Michael Guay’s April 20, 2015 assessment he confirms what we’ve observed over the past few years. Despite rumors of PeopleSoft’s demise, Oracle’s commitment is solid and organizations should evaluate the PeopleSoft solution as they would any ERP suite.

Guay’s analysis goes on to say that PeopleSoft is as viable as most other ERP suites. With all the talk about the cloud, which can deliver real benefits, those who have invested in PeopleSoft can have the best of both worlds utilizing the newest technology and functionality found in the latest 9.2 release or by adopting cloud point solutions if they are looking to test the cloud approach.

The article’s summary encapsulates it well; driven by rumors and questions regarding Oracle’s commitment to the PeopleSoft suite, ERP leaders are uncertain about its future. But ERP leaders must separate rumor from fact, understand Oracle’s roadmap and plan for PeopleSoft, and evaluate the suitability of PeopleSoft for their organizations within a postmodern ERP strategy.

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