Security Concerns Driving Oracle PeopleSoft Support Reinstatement Conversations

Security Concerns Driving Oracle PeopleSoft Support Reinstatement Conversations

Enterprise software is complex.  As the backbone of many organizations, it allows companies to fulfill their mission, conduct business and in the commercial sector, make a profit.  This does not come without a cost. Over the years, CIOs have embraced solutions to reduce the expense of maintaining their back office and customer effacing systems with third-party software maintenance services.

Recently one of those service providers received what might be a fatal blow from the US Courts.  Rimini Street lost another battle to Oracle, but more importantly, in court its CEO admitted that they do not apply software security patches, opening up their customers to ransomware and other forms of cyberattacks. [Forbes Article]

With Oracle officially extending their investment to improve the PeopleSoft suite of products through at least the year 2030 [Oracle Statement], the continued roll-out of new functionality, combined with Oracle’s commitment to cybersecurity, CIOs are having conversations about coming back to PeopleSoft support services from Oracle. And from our observation, Oracle seems to be in the mood to negotiate new reinstatement support services terms.

Over the past few years, it has become clear that Oracle wants to be known as a Cloud company, forging ahead with SaaS solutions. However, they still remain committed to their on-premise PeopleSoft, JD Edwards, and eBusiness Suite customers, allowing them to navigate their own journeys to the cloud at their own pace.  And for those customers who continue to leverage their investment in PeopleSoft, last we heard Oracle still has over 1,000 developers continuing to roll out new features, functionally and technology, not to mention the planning taking place for chatbot integration, machine learning, and AI.

Now more than ever, organizations are seeing a return on their PeopleSoft support services investment.  If a third-party is supporting your PeopleSoft instance, it may be time to relook at getting that support from the source, Oracle.

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