MIPRO Consulting Earns the PeopleSoft Partner Recognition Badge for 2023

MIPRO Consulting Earns the PeopleSoft Partner Recognition Badge for 2023

Recognition comes in many forms and from different places. Sometimes it is from family or friends. Sometimes it comes from colleagues or from the customers you serve. And other times you are recognized by your professional peers.

Recently Oracle’s PeopleSoft leadership team awarded MIPRO Consulting the 2023 PeopleSoft Partner Recognition Badge, and we couldn’t be prouder of our team.

There are hundreds of Oracle partners who do PeopleSoft work but only a handful who earned this recognition for their customers’ success and their active engagement with the Oracle PeopleSoft product development team within the PeopleSoft community.

As our team members work day-to-day on activities to support our customers with their PeopleSoft applications, our focus is to add value and ensure each of our customers accomplishes their objectives, achieving success as defined by them. Often that leads to customer testimonials, which we cherish.

This recognition, however, comes from those as passionate about PeopleSoft as we are and from a group of leaders who see the efforts of many, many vendors in the PeopleSoft space. This distinctive recognition is an acknowledgement of our team’s continued commitment to the customers, product and community associated with PeopleSoft.

MIPRO has never wavered from its dedication to PeopleSoft since our inception back in 2005. We are honored to receive the PeopleSoft Partner Recognition Badge for 2023. This latest distinction from Oracle continues to fuel our passion and ongoing commitment to PeopleSoft.

Feel free to reach out to anyone at MIPRO for all your PeopleSoft needs.

Visit Oracle’s PeopleSoft site for all the latest news.

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