MIPRO’s Highlights from Reconnect 2022:  Wow! What a Conference

MIPRO’s Highlights from Reconnect 2022: Wow! What a Conference

Reconnect 2022 is in the books and what a conference it was!  Over 2,300 people attended the all-virtual event representing over 300 different organizations. 185 sessions were presented over a jam packed 4-day period.  If you’re looking for PeopleSoft information, Reconnect 2022 was the place to be. 

Summarizing all the content of a conference that large is near impossible, but here are some takeaways.  Paco Aubrejuan kicked off with his PeopleSoft update, starting with everyone’s favorite question, how long will PeopleSoft be supported?  At this time there are no plans to end investment or support, and Premier Support will be provided through at least 2033.  Oracle also made the announcement that they will be moving to a 3 times per year PUM update schedule instead of 4.

Paco continued by highlighting some of Oracle’s focus areas for PeopleSoft.  Reducing the cost of running PeopleSoft continues to be a focus with investment in configuration and extensibility tools, lifecycle management automation, and, if you’re using Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI), PeopleSoft Cloud Manager can help reduce ongoing administrative workloads.

The cloud continues to be a big topic and Oracle is trying to make is easier for PeopleSoft customers to take advantage of the cloud in whatever capacity they’re comfortable with.  You can make a complete shift of your PeopleSoft applications to OCI, you can move non-production environments to the cloud, or you can interface PeopleSoft with non-PeopleSoft cloud-based applications.

Improving the user experience, streamlining processes through automation, enhancing analytics to support decision making, and PeopleTools enabling technologies were also investment themes discussed during the conference. 

MIPRO was the Reconnect 2022 PeopleSoft ERP Title Sponsor and had an active schedule throughout the conference.  MIPRO sessions included a Supplier Self-Service Overview and Value Proposition and a case study on the State of Oklahoma’s move to OCI.  In addition, we presented mini sessions on How to Add a Drilling URL to a Query, How to Create a Simplified Analytic, and a PeopleSoft Project Costing Overview. 

If you want to stay up to date on future events, mark your calendars, because Quest, the Oracle user community, is already planning the next couple of events for PeopleSoft customers.  Quest Experience Week, a virtual event which will include topics for PeopleSoft, as well as other Oracle applications, will be December 5-8.  BLUEPRINT 4D will be the next in-person event and that will be held in Dallas, Texas, May 8-11, 2023.

Feel free to reach out to anyone at MIPRO for all your PeopleSoft needs.

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