COVID-19 Challenge Solved with PeopleSoft Functionality – A Customer Story

COVID-19 Challenge Solved with PeopleSoft Functionality – A Customer Story

Recently, a MIPRO healthcare customer faced the COVID-19 related challenge of having to manually process an increasing number of one-time refunds. The volume of these types of refunds led to a desire for an automated solution.

The hospital system had encountered two obstacles. First, no Excel to Component Interface process existed to address this type of problem. Second, everyone receiving refunds had to be keyed as single suppliers.

The solution was to set them up as Single Payment Vendor, so the payee does not get setup as a supplier within PeopleSoft. The MIPRO team identified a new feature available in the newest PeopleSoft PUM image. However, the customer recently went live on a previous, older PUM image. Working with the Oracle support team, MIPRO was able to isolate and extract a specific fix from the newer PUM image. We then worked with our customer to implement the solution. 

Once the fix was extracted, we were able to apply it to their development system for testing. It was at this point that the customer determined these payments needed to be pre-approved vouchers to avoid them going through their normal approval workflow. 

We were able to work with the customer to define a process that addressed their needs. We implemented the fix to include the pre-approval requirement. The result of this effort meant that their process was changed from a manual one-at-a-time entry to a bulk upload and payment process.

Once implemented, the customer was delighted and ended up with a system that saved a significant amount of time for their accounting team. 

The specific feature used for this COVID-19 challenge was COVID-19: Enhanced the capability to process Single Payment Vouchers for Voucher Source XML. ExcelToCI is utilized to bulk load Single Payment Vouchers data in Voucher Staging.  BUG ID:  31171320.  Image 36.

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