Innovating with PeopleSoft eProcurement and Purchasing

Innovating with PeopleSoft eProcurement and Purchasing

Frankenmuth Insurance, located in the beautiful town of Frankenmuth, Michigan, recently celebrated their 150th anniversary of being in business. While they have not been using PeopleSoft for quite that entire time, they have been taking advantage of all that PeopleSoft has to offer for many years. 

Most recently, Frankenmuth partnered with MIPRO to implement eProcurement and Purchasing to replace an aging, custom developed, legacy system. MIPRO helped them evaluate PeopleSoft’s offering prior to their decision by understanding their requirements and demonstrating the capabilities of eProcurement and Purchasing. Once the decision was made, MIPRO assisted with strategic planning and provided consultation and functional assistance to the Frankenmuth team throughout the project. The implementation was a success. Frankenmuth shared their story at the RECONNECT Conference last October, and it was so well received that they were asked to create a guest blog on the Oracle PeopleSoft Apps Strategy site. Phil McCain, Senior VP of IT at Frankenmuth, authored the blog which can be found here.

In addition to the guest blog, Frankenmuth was identified as a PeopleSoft Feature Innovator for taking advantage of the new features available in PeopleSoft. 

MIPRO is always happy to share the great things our customers do with PeopleSoft and, in Frankenmuth’s case, we are thrilled for them that they were recognized by Oracle for their recent project.

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