Paco Aubrejuan, Senior Vice President of Applications Development at Oracle, opened the conference  by previewing some of the investment areas for PeopleSoft and reiterating Oracle’s 10 year rolling window of PeopleSoft (currently through 2032) and said there are no plans to end support at this time.

Paco went on to highlight some key investment areas and enhancements for PeopleSoft, such as:

  • New Kibana dashboards delivered with each PUM image
  • PeopleTools update in 2022 to 8.6
  • Enhancements to the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) to ease management of PeopleSoft
  • And more…

A team member from each PeopleSoft pillar, ERP, HCM and PeopleTools, provided an update on their respective areas along with a roadmap of planned enhancements. 

Reconnect was called Dive Deep for a reason.  Many of the individual sessions throughout the week were singularly focused and provided details on a specific feature or technology as well as some live how-to demonstrations. 

One of the overarching takeaways from RECONNECT Dive Deep 2021 is that the PeopleSoft community continues to thrive!  Oracle’s investment and commitment to PeopleSoft is as strong as ever, PeopleSoft customers continue to innovate using new features and technologies, and PeopleSoft customers are excited to share their success stories so others can learn from their experiences.  On top of all that, throughout the conference there were many people that introduced themselves as new to PeopleSoft, which reinforces the notion of a thriving user community. 

MIPRO had 3 sessions at RECONNECT:

  • Improving the PeopleSoft End User Experience
  • The Value of Moving PeopleSoft Into the Cloud
  • Supplier Self-Service Overview & Value Proposition

If you missed one of our sessions or want to watch them again, see the descriptions and recordings below.

While Reconnect Dive Deep may be in the books, I’ll leave you with an exciting announcement from the conference – RECONNECT will be back in person, as well as digitally, in 2022, as BLUEPRINT 4D, June 6-9th in Las Vegas.  This will be a Quest event for PeopleSoft, JD Edwards and Oracle customers.

We look forward to seeing you all there!

Improving the PeopleSoft End User Experience

Oracle has been making tremendous investments in the ability to configure and personalize PeopleSoft while allowing you to eliminate customizations. Whether your organization extends this ability to super users, end users or keeps it within the IT department, this webinar will demonstrate how to create a Fluid Home Page, Fluid Navigation Collections and Fluid Pivot Grids. You will learn how to personalize Fluid and Classic Work Centers as well as how to leverage the page and field configurator to alter page content.

Presented by Larry Zagata, MIPRO Consulting

Supplier Self-Service Overview & Value Proposition

In this presentation and demo, understand the features, capabilities and value of enabling your supply chain suppliers the ability of self service, self-service inclusive of updating supplier contact information, participating in online sourcing bids, collaborative contract negotiations, invoice updates/creation and analytics.

Presented by Larry Zagata, MIPRO Consulting

The Value of Moving PeopleSoft Into the Cloud

‘The Cloud’, a simple term with so many interpretations. PeopleSoft users considering a move to the cloud have many options. What cloud, what do I move and what value will I get by making the move? This session will provide an executive level view of what cloud options are available for PeopleSoft, things to consider when making the move and what you can expect once you make the move. We will share perspectives from customers that have made the move, that are currently in the process of moving and that are evaluating if they should move. It is not a one-size-fits-all decision and having realistic expectations is an important first step. This is not a technical presentation or a step-by-step guide to the cloud but is designed to help managers and executives navigate the hype and options when considering a move to the cloud.

Presented by Rob Mowid, MIPRO Consulting; Craig Oliver, MIPRO Consulting

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