2023 BLUEPRINT 4D – High Energy – Great Conference

2023 BLUEPRINT 4D – High Energy – Great Conference

2023 BLUEPRINT 4D was fantastic!  If you missed it this year, plan on attending in 2024.  Attendance was at or slightly above pre-covid levels and the sessions were packed with information for everyone from developers, business users, managers and executives.  What was most enjoyable was the energy and excitement throughout the conference.  It’s hard to describe, but there was a different feel to this conference than many previous ones.  People seemed excited to be there – the level of interaction in sessions, in the hallways, and in the exhibit hall was great to observe.

It is always hard to capture all the happenings in a short reacap but here are a few of the PeopleSoft highlights.  If you haven’t heard, Oracle has extended PeopleSoft Premier Support through at least 2034, and, according to Paco Aubrejuan, there are no plans to end that investment or support.

The PeopleSoft product managers and strategists provided their roadmaps and plans for each respective functional area, Financial and Supply Chain, Human Capital Management and PeopleTools.  High-level roadmaps were presented, and newly released and planned features were discussed.  The investment continues to be a healthy split between new features, technology updates designed to improve user experience and streamline the management of PeopleSoft, and updating underlying technologies to stay current. 

Like previous years, the cloud continues to be a hot topic for many customers.  Oracle’s message to PeopleSoft customers is consistent with last year.  They are trying to make it easier for PeopleSoft customers to take advantage of the cloud in a manner that best suits their needs.  That could be a complete PeopleSoft lift and shift from your datacenter to the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI). It could be testing out the cloud by putting some non-production environments in the cloud. Or it could be simply continuing to educate yourself to see if, or when, a move to the cloud makes business sense.

Within 2023 BLUEPRINT 4D, there were mini-conferences for each of the Oracle product areas.  If you know MIPRO, we are focused on PeopleSoft, so we were thrilled when we saw that PeopleSoft RECONNECT Live was the PeopleSoft-focused track within BLUEPRINT 4D.  RECONNECT is a fitting name, as this year we were able to reconnect with many customers we haven’t seen in-person in several years.  In addition to the great content, that personal connection is what makes a conference valuable.  Content and updates can be shared online, but reconnecting with colleagues, customers, and friends is what makes  BLUEPRINT special, and this year was extra special.

Feel free to reach out to anyone at MIPRO for all your PeopleSoft needs.

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