Optimizing your PeopleSoft investment just as you do with your car’s maintenance schedule will reap the most rewards. When you buy a new car, you get in, drive, and fill up when needed. You fix things when they go wrong. If you follow that routine, your car will serve its purpose. You’ll have met your transportation needs. However, if you do a little extra (change your oil, follow a preventative maintenance routine, and learn about all the features of your car), you’ll get more enjoyment and a longer life out of your investment.

Oracle has committed to enhancing and supporting PeopleSoft through at least the year 2030, which means there are and will be many new features to help support your business.

Once you’ve successfully implemented PeopleSoft, you can do your general maintenance. You can upgrade when needed, and PeopleSoft will serve your needs. However, Oracle is making significant investments into enhancing and expanding the capability of PeopleSoft on a regular basis by way of PUM updates. Knowing what is included in the PUM’s and understanding how they can benefit your organization can add value to your PeopleSoft software. PUM’s will extend the life by staying current with capabilities and technology.

This sounds like a great idea, but we all know in real life, it’s not always that simple. Everyone is busy, and it’s not always easy to step back and really analyze how you’re using PeopleSoft. Is its current use still aligned to the overall goals of the business? Business needs change over time. Periodically making the time to take a top to bottom view of your PeopleSoft environment can bring significant value to your organization.

When most organizations implement a system as significant as PeopleSoft, they do a thorough self-evaluation to document their business needs or bring in an outside firm to help with that process. They end up with a system that is closely aligned to the business. By optimizing your PeopleSoft investment now, you can reap the continuing value well into the future.

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