Extended Premier PeopleSoft Support to 2031 & PeopleTools 8.58

Extended Premier PeopleSoft Support to 2031 & PeopleTools 8.58

Oracle has again delivered on their promises to the PeopleSoft community. Oracle Premier Support for PeopleSoft has officially been extended through 2031, and PeopleTools 8.58 is now available to download for customers using PeopleSoft on premise.

Support Extended through 2031

Oracle continues to show their confidence and commitment to PeopleSoft by extending the window of support through 2031. Previously, Oracle had announced support for PeopleSoft through 2030 and committing to customers that they would provide a 10-year rolling window. 

Now that we are in 2020, Oracle has extended support through at least 2031. Oracle will review their plans annually and make future support extensions going forward each year. Oracle will always give a 10 year window before making any changes in support.

Premier Support is not simply answering calls and providing bug fixes. Oracle is investing in exciting new features and capabilities including new chatbots, Kibana analytics and the modernization of Job Data. These updates are released quarterly for the HCM and ERP product suites.

For more information regarding the support extension, you can view Rebekah Jackson’s blog post or the Oracle Apps Unlimited page.

Also Announced: On Premise Availability of PeopleTools 8.58

Oracle has also announced that PeopleTools 8.58.03 is now available to download for on premise PeopleSoft installation. You can find relevant information about this topic on Oracle’s blog. A recap of PeopleTools 8.58 exciting capabilities are found in MIPRO’s PeopleTools 8.58 blog post.

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