Real-Time Bottom Line

Real-Time Bottom Line

In a competitive business environment, companies are looking for ways to gain an edge. It is crucial for the finance department to be a strategic part of the enterprise. They need the ability to simulate business, organization and regulatory changes and help make the right decisions to lead the organization. In the past, finance teams have spent days downloading the information to Excel and manipulating their “what-if” models to simulate these changes. Today, this information is available in a matter of hours using Real-Time Bottom Line.

Oracle’s Marc Weintraub wrote on the PeopleSoft Apps Strategy Blog: “Oracle has launched a revolutionary new suite of applications to help the CFO drive enterprise profitability with timely well-informed decisions. Say goodbye to spreadsheet extracts and guess work based on highly summarized outdated information. Now you can continuously adapt to changes in the business environment and make decisions with confidence using real time simulation and analysis to inform your decisions. The PeopleSoft In-Memory Real-Time Bottom Line suite is initially focused on PeopleSoft In-Memory Financial Position Analyzer and PeopleSoft In-Memory Financial Allocations Analyzer.” Read the full blog here.

This short video of an interview with Marc and Amira Morcos (Senior Director of Product Management for Oracle’s PeopleSoft Financial Management) talks through the features and benefits of the PeopleSoft Financial Position Analyzer, Allocations Analyzer and Close Analyzer on Oracle Engineered Systems.

For more information, you can also check out Oracle’s white paper on the topic:

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