PeopleSoft is green for growth!

PeopleSoft is green for growth!

Have you heard that PeopleSoft is at end of life? It might have even sounded convincing, but I am happy to share the truth with you. And I come to you with experience. I once believed in the Easter Bunny, and I came out the other end even better because I now know the truth.

The fact is, Oracle continues to invest heavily, developing new features and functionalities for its over 5,000 PeopleSoft customers. Not convinced yet? No problem. Since 2017, Oracle has recognized customers through its PeopleSoft Innovators program. Did you catch that key word …. INNOVATORS! My fellow PeopleSoft users, for the first time Oracle is releasing its 2020 PeopleSoft Innovators Report!

What a great way to learn what other customers are doing to improve their PeopleSoft environment with NEW features and functionalities. In the report, you will learn about adoption trends, insights, and lessons learned on topics including Fluid UI, Selective Adoption, Configuration, Oracle Cloud Infrastructure and much more!

Check out the 2020 PeopleSoft Innovators Report for yourself and tap into the vast amount of information available in the PeopleSoft community. Let us know how we can help you in your PeopleSoft journey or if you would like us to break the news about the Tooth Fairy.

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