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Executive Reception
Monday, April 3RD; 6:30 – 8:00pm

Executive Forum
Tuesday, April 4TH; 8:00am – 12:00pm

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Delivering Executive Financial Dashboards: Real Life Example from NYUMC (Session #107090)

Monday, April 3rd; 2:45 PM–3:45 PM – Reef D

This session will cover PeopleSoft Dashboards. The discussion will begin with a brief background on the business requirements. Further topics will include a discussion of different dashboard options, including drilldown & format options, and a step-by-step primer on how to create your own dashboards.

The First 3 Easy Things You Can Do to Start Using Fluid User Interface (Session #106910)

9:45 AM–10:45 AM Apr 5, 2017 – Reef C

Fluid is here and it is the future of PeopleSoft. If your organization has not yet taken advantage of Fluid, it is only a matter of time before it is an imperative. In this session, learn about the first things your organization can start doing to start leveraging PeopleSoft Fluid.

You’re on 9.2, Now What? Embracing PUM and Selective Adoption Strategy (Session#107160)

9:45 AM–10:45 AM Apr 6, 2017 – Lagoon J

PUM and Selective Adoption have significantly altered the PeopleSoft landscape in relation to receiving both fixes and new features on a regular schedule. With this new paradigm, organizations who do not change in order to take advantage of Selective Adoption will experience much higher costs to maintain their PeopleSoft applications. In this session, you will learn how companies are embracing Selective Adoption and utilizing PUM. You’ll also learn the purpose for different images, the different maintenance strategies and how to use different patches. We’ll take you through the various elements that other organizations have considered to insure a Selective Adoption strategy for a successful deployment. We will close with PUM best practices and lessons learned, putting you on the path forward to building your own Selection Adoption strategy.

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