What Can We Personally Do About Our Economy and Jobs?

What Can We Personally Do About Our Economy and Jobs?

Time for some off the cuff riffing here.

ABC News with Diane Sawyer has had several segments on finding products that are made in America.

I am all for it. This idea is something about which I feel passionate.

We do not have to buy everything buy in America, just more. And not much more, as it turns out.

According to one report by Sawyer, if each of us spent $64 more per year on products made in America, that would create 200,000 jobs. $64 bucks per person to create almost a quarter-million jobs? OK that sounds great. Let’s do it.

The challenge is where to find the products made in America/USA. ABC’s Made in America Resource Guide can be a lot of help. We need to make shopping easier. In order to support the cause and make it easier on everyone, what also would be great? Two thoughts:

  • If stores had “Made in the USA” sections or at least tables and displays in the various departments, and
  • If online websites had selection options for all categories for ‘Made in the USA’

I think quite a few folks would be up for doing it, but shopping stores and portals have to help us find American products. Help us help our economy.

And, oh yeah, one last idea – everything I have seen so far has had to do with manufactured products. What about services – and specifically Information Technology consulting services. Let’s support the cause and bring back our share of the off-shore work to on-shore, good ole’ USA. Who is providing your IT services?

Perhaps we should provide “Atta Boy Stickers” or certificates for companies who support ‘Made In the USA’ and spend a given percentage of their operation costs, materials and services on USA-made products and services. If your organization wishes to support organizations that support buying from American companies, then at least you’d have a starting point designation, a place to begin your efforts.

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