PeopleSoft CFO (Cumulative Feature Overview) Tool

PeopleSoft CFO (Cumulative Feature Overview) Tool

The PeopleSoft Cumulative Feature Overview (CFO) Report is a most useful tool for you to have and run if you are interested in optimizing your current PeopleSoft system, considering upgrading to 9.2, or applying a new PUM image. The PeopleSoft CFO can be run easily without any difficulty.  This report will show you what is available in the new system and compare it to what you are missing – i.e.: software sitting on the shelf or images you have not implemented yet.  One version of the PeopleSoft CFO will compare your modules against the most current versions in just minutes!

There is also a new version of the PeopleSoft CFO tool that will report against a customer’s specific production system and reports against exactly what features one has or has not applied. This version of the PeopleSoft CFO generates information based on one’s specific production system. The data is great; however, it requires someone to have log-in access and the tools to run it. So, it is more complex and takes more time. We would be happy to assist you with this version of the PeopleSoft CFO.

One quirky thing to be sure to note is that Oracle names everything a Bug ID, even new features and functionality.  This was talked about last year at the Oracle Customer Advisory Board (CAB).  So, new features actually have a Bug ID that would get captured, if applied or not.

For your convenience here is the link to the PeopleSoft CFO page:

We would look forward to the opportunity to work with you on your 9.2 and tools upgrade or optimizing your current system. Contact us!

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