Optimize, Upgrade or Both?

Optimize, Upgrade or Both?

Might it be a good time to optimize your current system and/or business processes? What is the true state of your system? Consider these:

  1. Is your organization considering changing to a different system? If so, is it possible that, by executing a system optimization initiative and/or functional upgrade with your current system, that you might be able to achieve all or most of your process and system objectives and save a boatload of time, effort, and resources?
  2. Are your users happy with their current desktop procedures, navigation, and system UI? Could they be a lot better? When was the last time these elements were optimized?
  3. Are your key stakeholders getting the data they need within the system to run their business efficiently and systematically, without laborious manual efforts to complete their processes?
  4. Is key data being pushed to your users automatically or do they have to go get it, assemble, and compile it manually?
  5. How much of the current software system functionality, — that which is there and available to take advantage of — is currently in production, versus ‘sitting on the shelf’? (It is an established fact that most companies use far less than 50% of the available ERP system features and functionality, which was purchased and incurring maintenance expenses.)
  6. Is your company up to date on system maintenance updates and doing regular system enhancements to keep current?
  7. Does your system still have a lot of unnecessary and extremely costly customization hanging around?
  8. Are your system inefficiencies allowing real money to run out the door and over the dam, every day?

For many organizations, getting the correct answers and related objective information to the above questions is not always an easy thing to do, however these are “Best Practice” questions, which should be addressed on a regular basis. I know this because I talk to my clients every single day about these things.

Before looking at the universe of application and platform alternatives, perhaps a System Assessment or Functional Upgrade Assessment might be in order to provide the answers you need?

Sometimes yes, sometimes no. But regardless, if optimization is something you might want to consider but haven’t yet, we can help.

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