PeopleSoft Asset Management & Project Costing 9.2 — and Beyond

PeopleSoft Asset Management & Project Costing 9.2 — and Beyond

A couple weeks ago I had the opportunity to present at PeopleSoft RECONNECT  in Hartford, Connecticut. In the midst of hectic schedules and a vibrant crowd, I had a great time catching up with old clients and friends and meeting new people and sharing ideas.  It was a great forum for open discussions and a unique venue for an in-depth view of PeopleSoft products.

One of my favorite sessions was the “Project Costing & Asset Management 9.2: Overview & Roadmap” presentation by Oracle’s Loida McDearis.  Loida is the PeopleSoft Product Strategy Manager for PeopleSoft ESA (Projects) & ALM (Assets) Solutions.

At a high level and in bullet format, here’s what she shared with us regarding what’s in store for version 9.2 and beyond!

For Project Costing:

  • Project summarization by subsystem
  • Numerous improvements to variance pricing and funds distribution
  • Simplified capture of project costs and revenue
  • Multi-dimensional custom rate definitions
  • Improved quality of billings and cash flow via the manager transaction reviews
  • Introduction of supplemental data
  • Project financial reporting through the use of query and pivot grids

For Asset Management:

  • Combo edits by transaction source
  • Rapid capture of cost adjustments transactions in basic add component
  • Addition of procure groups that allow for the creation of single assets from multiple requisition or purchase order lines without the use Project Costing
  • Flexible allocation of asset voucher adjustments with email notification
  • Expanded search criteria on the disposal worksheet
  • Procurement item full description added to the asset long description field
  • Multiple improvements to physical inventory
  • Adoption of Oracle Secure Enterprise Search
  • Approval Framework Adoption
  • Asset Visualization via integration with ESRI ArcGIS Online

I know it’s hard to compete with iPhone 5 buzz these days, but if you’re a PeopleSoft ESA or ALM client, this is pretty huge news. It’s great to see Oracle refining and expanding the PeopleSoft roadmap in key areas like this. In my professional experience, most of these hit quite the sweet spot.

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