PeopleSoft Conferences: Getting the Most Value for Your Money

Tim Schinke, Author at MIPRO

A Pace of Grace

Have you ever been running late for airplane?  You know the sense of stress and fear that you might “miss” your very important flight. If you do, then what? Think of how you see other people or how you treat other people during that chaotic sprint to hurry as fast as you can.  Do you


OracleDirect Organization Hosts Successful Charity Event

The OracleDirect organization hosted the second annual OracleDirect Charity Golf Event on Wednesday, September 4th for the benefit of the Angel Foundation in Minneapolis, MN.  The event held annually in Minneapolis, led by Oracle executive sponsor, Paul Macura, raised over $30,000 for the local foundation that provides much needed assistance for families fighting cancer. Those


MIPRO’s Highlights From Alliance 2013

MIPRO had quite a crew at Alliance 2013 in Indianapolis a few weeks ago, with four of our team members working our Silver Sponsor booth. And, as expected, the Higher Education User Group (HEUG) and the public sector industry made a solid appearance. A combination of PeopleSoft Enterprise Campus Solutions, Financials and HCM customers were


User Group Report: Hot Topics Among PeopleSoft Users

I recently attended the Midwest Regional User Group (MW RUG) meeting in Chicago. There were a number of PeopleSoft customers/users in attendance and breakout meetings were held to discuss current hot topics. Below is a collection of things I noticed — a pulse of the conversations, at it were. Needless to say, everyone is interested