User Group Report: Hot Topics Among PeopleSoft Users

User Group Report: Hot Topics Among PeopleSoft Users

I recently attended the Midwest Regional User Group (MW RUG) meeting in Chicago. There were a number of PeopleSoft customers/users in attendance and breakout meetings were held to discuss current hot topics. Below is a collection of things I noticed — a pulse of the conversations, at it were.

Needless to say, everyone is interested in Fusion as a potential future option in some of their application areas.  However, by and large, the reality for most of organizations is that they are still focusing on taking advantage of their current systems investments.  With PeopleSoft v9.2 slated for availability the end of this month, a breakout group I attended shared their company’s view and plan relative to upgrading.

The fact is that the customer base is varied relative to the version of products that they are running.  Some are planning on upgrading as soon as v9.2 is available.  Some are still considering upgrading to a previous version (9.1).  Some will wait and see and plan on upgrading later in 2013.

My observation is that the PeopleSoft customer base is hungry for information and is being pushed and pulled in different directions.  Some say move to Fusion, some say upgrade your current (stable) platform, some say upgrade and expand that stable platform with add-on solutions, Business Intelligence (analytics) and Mobility solutions.  And naturally, competitors to PeopleSoft/Oracle say “come to our solution.”

While there is no one right answer for everyone, the vast majority seem to be leaning toward protecting and expanding their investments in their current PeopleSoft solutions.  It is stable, it is supported and it makes financial sense.

This is where a lot of folks stand right now. What will the landscape look like in 2014? 2015?

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