Campus Solutions 9.2 Release Is Coming Soon

Campus Solutions 9.2 Release Is Coming Soon


As Vice President of Talent Acquisition for MIPRO Consulting, I spend most of my days talking directly to experienced PeopleSoft consultants about trends in the market. A common theme lately among Technical Architects and Upgrade Specialists has been the increased preparation and activity around the upcoming Campus Solutions 9.2 release. The release promises to deliver a simpler, more productive user experience.

Higher Education clients are being proactive about lining up experienced Upgraders and having them ready to deploy when 9.2 is released. The Campus Solutions 9.2 release is being viewed as a major event within the Higher Education Users Group, since this will be the first new release for Campus Solutions in quite some time.

In the FAQ for Alliance 2015 document, Oracle explains the importance of this release along with some other pertinent information. Campus Solutions 9.2 is yet another example of Oracle’s commitment to their PeopleSoft product line. Keep an eye out for the 9.2 release date! This will be driving a lot of activity in the very near future.

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