The iPad 2

The iPad 2

Apple announced the new iPad 2 right on schedule.  Typically Apple introduces product upgrades on an approximate 12 month cycle and the new iPad is no exception, coming in squarely at the 11 month marker.

Upgrade highlights of the new tablet include an all-new design, evolutionary but not “marginal” improvements.  The new unit is dramatically faster thanks to what Apple calls the A5 chip, which is a dual core, 2x faster CPU with 9x faster graphics.  Integrated cameras and a built in gyroscope are also included.

Most notably, though, are the revised physical dimensions: thinner than an
iPhone 4 and lighter than the original iPad, from 1.5 pounds to 1.3 pounds.  It also comes in black or white.  This industrial design is where the iPad 2 shines, and if I were to guess, I’d say this new look – beveled edges, aluminum back – is hinting at the design of the upcoming iPhone 5.  If that comes to bear (as many are speculating), it will mark a rare instance in which Apple abandons a design direction shortly after its unveiling.  [Ed. Note: They have every reason to.  There’s been too much antenna/reception complaints surrounding the iPhone 4, and despite what Apple calls a ‘Leica-like’ design, the hard, flat edges make the phone considerably more slippery.]

As is always the case, the version 2 release of (insert Apple device name
here) is never overshadowed by competing products.  The overall design
aesthetic and ergonomics of Apple hardware rarely disappoint.  And, as Marc
Benioff, CEO of aptly stated, “The future of the enterprise
will be run on a tablet.”

But the coup-de-grace that the iPad 2 pulled off?  It forced competitors such as Samsung’s Galaxy Tab back to the drawing board to fix flaws before coming to market.  If that doesn’t tell you what sort of power the iPad has over the tablet market, I don’t know what does.

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