PeopleSoft Asset Checkout

PeopleSoft Asset Checkout

A while back, I blogged about Work Order Failure Tracking and Analysis as one of the hidden treasures of PeopleSoft (click here if you missed it). I thought I would continue along that vein and periodically share little nuggets of functionality that aren’t used as often as others. There is just so much treasure in PeopleSoft, you often have to focus on the largest parts during the initial roll out, with a plan to go back and continue mining for the rest of the goodies. In this article, I’m going to focus on the Asset Checkout function.

Some industries own assets that must be shared, for various financial or operational reasons, among different departments or locations. Additionally, an asset may need to be removed from the site for repair at another location. The Asset Checkout feature will support both needs.

When a user wants to use or checkout the asset, they would simply go to the Asset Checkout page and click the Add a New Value, entering available data – the Start Date and End Date are required to create the Checkout.

When no longer needed, the user will return to the Asset Checkout page and click the Checked In box, entering the actual End Date and Time.

As with all assets, if there is a meter, usage and unit of measure will also need to be entered when the asset is checked in.Keep checking in that treasure chest, who knows what valuable gem you will find that can help you get more out of your investment.

If you have any questions or would like additional information about PeopleSoft Asset or Maintenance Management, please contact me at or

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