PeopleSoft Treasure: Equipment Assets as Tools

PeopleSoft Treasure: Equipment Assets as Tools

Equipment Assets as Tools

Continuing on my treasure hunt in PeopleSoft, this time I’ll be highlighting the use of Tools. If you’ve used the Maintenance Management Module and have created at least one Work Order, you’ve seen the Tools link on the Requirements and Schedules tabs. Basically, Tools are assets that are identified as tools in the asset record. Most often these assets are testing equipment. In some industries, a clear record needs to be kept of not only the repairs and preventive maintenance on equipment but also which testing tool was used. This is where the Tools functionality is priceless.

To set up an asset to be used as a Tool, simply select the designated asset and click in the box labeled “Use As Tool.”

A Tool is both an asset and a resource. As a resource, it can be scheduled and will show on a monthly calendar. This is especially beneficial when it is a shared resource and a user needs to ensure that it is available during the time needed. Since they are a resource, the availability for use will default the shop hour. Clicking the “Allow Overbooking” option on the asset record allows the Tool to be scheduled outside of shop hours and on more than one work order during the same timeframe.

Tool rates can be added to capture costs if needed and are based on the asset type and subtype on the Shop’s Tool Rates page. These rates are the default rate values that display in the Tool Requirements and Tool Schedules grids of the work order task. If the rates are not set up in the shop, the default values are derived from the asset subtype.

Tools can be added to a Work Order or a Work Order Task Template in the same way Labor Resources, Inventory or Purchased Materials are added. Efficiencies can be gained through pre-populating any tools needed to perform testing for a PM. When the PM Work Order is generated, the tool(s) will be listed.

If you haven’t already dug into your treasure chest to use this particular nugget, try it out and see how much value it will add.

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