Mobile Technician with Fluid is Here

Mobile Technician with Fluid is Here

I am so excited! I’m doing a happy dance and I know that technicians world-wide are going to be dancing in the streets. Ok, well maybe not quite so much, but they’ll give it a good solid thumbs-up. Here are a few screen shots and explanations of the Mobile Technician application to peek your curiosity. They were captured from a PeopleSoft YouTube video released by Oracle.

Using the Fluid technology, the Mobile Technician application works on a laptop, tablet and a smart phone. I’ve included sample screen shots of both in most cases, as I work through just some of the available functionality. To start, let’s look at the landing page, first in tablet form, then as it would look on a smart phone. The contents are specifically what a tech would need to work through her daily work orders. Notice the new feature of a Quick Work Order – this can be adding tasks to an existing work order or starting one from scratch. Technicians will have the ability to see their Weekly Time Entries at a glance as well as a quick tool to show Open Tasks by Priority.

Within the My Tasks option, technicians can filter in a variety of ways, including location, asset, date, etc. by clicking the filtering icon in the upper left. To sort, the up/down arrows to the right can be used.

When a technician is in the Task Details, the menu on the left of a work order includes what is needed and/or added to the task while the right side will give the details of work to be done. Next to each of the Task Details is a helpful number indicator. In this example, we see that there are two checklist items, three items from inventory, one meter reading requirement, etc. A tech can simply use this as a ‘To Do’ list to ensure that all information is captured prior to going to the new Quick Complete function.

The Quick Complete allows a technician to change the status, enter notes and the hours worked on one screen. Of course, any required readings or checklist items must be completed first. If the work order is not complete, hours can be added for the day without changing the status.

I’ve given just a few samples of the functionality available in for Mobile Technician. I know you can’t wait to go out and see for yourself. In fact I would bet that you skipped to the end and have already watched the video. Hey, I would too, it’s just too cool to resist! To see the Oracle video, you can click here:

If you have any questions about Mobile Technician or would like additional information on any of the other PeopleSoft modules please contact me at robin.cole@miproconsulting or

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