Ideas for MOSC – My Oracle Support Community

Ideas for MOSC – My Oracle Support Community

I have an idea! But what should I do with it? Ideas. We all have them. Some of them end up as customizations to our software. Others end up as simply dreams. But some lucky thoughts may end up on the MOSC – My Oracle Support Community. Ultimately, they may even end up as part of the delivered functionality. To find the space, to see what ideas are out there, or to add your own, CLICK HERE!

If you haven’t had an opportunity to check out the hundreds of active ideas, you really owe it to yourself to give it some attention. You can vote up or down on a specific idea that someone else has offered. You can even add your own!

Here are a few new ideas (along with their links) for the Maintenance Management module (my favorite). You might find them helpful for your account, or they may get your creative juices flowing so you can add your own.

Click on any of the links to find out more about these and other great ideas.

PM Schedule Mass Update – Add the new Employee ID and Crew fields

Allow Mobile Tech’s Quick Work Order to be configured to flow directly to Schedules, rather than Requirements

Allow users to enter Procurement / Inventory using the My Tasks tile within Mobile Tech

Limit the # of search results on Mobile Tech. System prone to freezing

Valid Dispensing UOM on Inventory on WO

Rolling date setup for Open By task Date tile

ANSI standard acknowledgement codes are missing in PeopleSoft for 855s

“View Only” Maintenance Security Role

Service Request Notes to be transferred to Work Order

Add “Unassigned” check box option on other Workbench views

On Hand Parts & Costing for Work Orders

PM Schedule – Auto Update Last Reviewed Activity

Resource Lines on Time Entry

Include Description on Parent WO Lookup

If you have questions, or would like information about the PeopleSoft Maintenance Management module, or any other PeopleSoft product, please contact Robin Cole at or Larry Zagata at To read more about MIPRO Consulting, click here.

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