Paco Aubrejuan, Senior Vice President of Applications Development at Oracle, announced the extension of PeopleSoft support through 2032. Here are a few highlights from the keynote session:

  • Dashboards will continue to be supported by Kibana Analytics with over a dozen already delivered and more planned.
  • The ongoing user experience simplification and Fluid User Interface modernization throughout HCM and ERP.
  • PeopleSoft Intelligent Chat Assistant from Oracle (PICASO) across HCM and ERP modules with several already available and more planned.
  • Idea space driven functional enhancements from customers.

With each PeopleSoft Image, Oracle’s PeopleSoft team continues to deliver capabilities to allow their customers to improve the user experience, increase value while reducing operating costs through:

  • PeopleSoft on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure with PeopleSoft Cloud Manager
  • Usability and user experience tailoring
  • Customization isolation
  • And more …

Here are some highlights from MIPRO at RECONNECT Envision 2021:

  • A session showcasing MIPRO’s tailored process enabling organizations to leverage PeopleSoft’s capabilities in order to maximize value and investment.
  • A PeopleSoft Lease Administration session with Loida Chez, Oracle’s Product Management Director, exploring how two organizations successfully managed leases under the new guidance and the lessons learned along the way.
  • A presentation detailing how MIPRO assisted a customer with its plans to update PUM and add new features during the pandemic.
  • Demonstrations by Larry Zagata, MIPRO’s Vice President of Solutions Delivery, on improving the PeopleSoft end user experience and the benefits of PeopleSoft Supplier Self Service.

Below are recordings of MIPRO’s RECONNECT Envision 2021 sessions and demonstrations:

Aligning Organizational Objectives with Your PeopleSoft Investment: A C-Level/Management Perspective

Delivered many times to all size organizations, MIPRO will share our tailored process for enabling an organization to leverage PeopleSoft’s capabilities in order to maximize value and investment.  MIPRO will discuss a method to define organizational objectives, map those objectives to capabilities in PeopleSoft, prioritize and define projects to achieve results based on business benefit and feasibility.  If your organization would like to better take advantage of new features and functions delivered by Oracle, this presentation will provide you with an approach your organization can leverage.

MIPRO will share specific customer examples during this session. More importantly, they will lay out a proven approach and methodology that has been successfully used before to increase the value that their PeopleSoft investment can bring to their organization.

Presented by Jeff Micallef, MIPRO Consulting; Larry Zagata, MIPRO Consulting

Lease Accounting: Road to Compliance

Adopting a new accounting guidance is not a small feat. This is especially true for the new leasing guidance that introduces significant changes to the balance sheet. Please join us for a conversation with two organizations that have the road to compliance in their rearview mirrors. Learn how they have been successfully managing leases in PeopleSoft Lease Administration under the new guidance, and from the lessons learned along the way.

Presented by Rob Mowid, MIPRO Consulting; Stephanie Helton, Oceaneering International, Inc.; Garrett Hall, Community Health Network; Loida Chez, Oracle America, Inc.

Regional Medical Center – Updating Your PUM and Adding New Features During a Pandemic

The Regional Medical Center (RMC) in South Carolina had big plans for PeopleSoft going into 2020. With MIPRO Consulting’s assistance those plans included updating PeopleTools as well as doing PUM updates and adding new features for both their Financial and Human Capital Management systems. Shortly after the projects kicked off, Covid arrived and could have brought everything to halt. Instead, RMC pivoted, adapted their plans to accommodate remote employees, consultants and project manager. The end result was a successful, on-time update that included the use of many new features and a system that was current and positioned well for the future. The Financials and HCM update project ran concurrently with a slightly staggered start. Several people worked on both projects so the staggered start was designed so that the go-live dates were spread out enough that Financials would go live with a buffer for any post go-live actions prior to HCM going live. The plan was executed as designed. 

Presented by Sheila Tyson, Regional Medical Center; Rob Mowid, MIPRO Consulting

Improving the PeopleSoft End User Experience

Oracle has been making tremendous investments in the ability to configure and personalize PeopleSoft while allowing you to eliminate customizations. Whether your organization extends this ability to super users, end users or keeps it within the IT department, this video will demonstrate how to create a Fluid Home Page, Fluid Navigation Collections and Fluid Pivot Grids. You will learn how to personalize Fluid and Classic Work Centers as well as how to leverage the page and field configurator to alter page content.

How to Benefit from PeopleSoft Supplier Self Service

This video is a live demonstration and presentation of the features, capabilities, and value of providing your suppliers the ability to use delivered PeopleSoft self-service functionality. You will learn how improve operations by enabling your suppliers to update supplier contact information, participate in online sourcing bids, collaborate on contract negotiations, create/update invoices, as well as by having an all-encompassing view through delivered analytics.

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