Congratulations on getting to 9.2!

Congratulations on getting to 9.2!

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Now, what’s your Selective Adoption strategy?

It simply cannot be overstated the tremendous value that PeopleSoft version 9.2 brings to customers. But in order to take advantage of it you must have a Selective Adoption strategy. Need help establishing that strategy? Engage in our interactive 1 day Selective Adoption Workshop executed by a solutions delivery director and solutions architect specializing in selective adoption. Our primary goal is education. In the workshop, we cover:

  • Introductions
  • Workshop objectives
  • Background on current processes/staffing for PeopleSoft maintenance
  • Discussion on PUM – high-level overview
  • Selective Adoption
    • Maintenance strategies
    • Calendar
    • Communications
    • Criteria
  • Required/suggested resources and responsibilities
  • PeopleTools – How does a PeopleTools strategy fit into selective adoption strategy?
  • PeopleTools Test Framework (PTF) – How does PTF fit into the Selective Adoption strategy ?
  • PUM detailed review and demo
  • Avoiding pitfallsBy covering these agenda items, we give your organization insight into all of the considerations associated with creating your own specific Selective Adoption strategy.

We have been executing more and more of these interactive workshops to help our clients really understand Selective Adoption, PeopleSoft Update Manager (PUM), PeopleSoft Test Framework, etc. We recently presented on PUM and Selective Adoption twice at OpenWorld 2015. Here is a quote from one of our most recent Selective Adoption Workshop participants:

“We achieved more insight and value from it than we had anticipated, and we had pretty decent feelings about it going in.”

“Other than the content, a lot of the credit obviously goes to the people involved.  Both MIPRO resources presented the information very well and we also enjoyed both of their personalities as well. They are both very personable in addition to being very knowledgeable of the content being presented.  We can’t speak highly enough on both of them.”

John P. Bray
Director, Financial Business Systems

If you would like more information on our Selective Adoption Workshop, please contact

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