and Where SaaS Goes From Here (Eventually)

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Joshua Greenbaum’s recent article had a few good points that I’d like to reiterate, especially as they relate to’s (SFDC) struggles to get its growth to the next stage. SFDC is struggling to find the next big thing for itself, and Greenbaum says organic development frameworks/guidelines ain’t cutting it.  Greenbaum, via Cowboy 2.0, suggests


Assume Postive Intent

Bear with me, because this might seem kittens-and-moonbeams, right out of the self-help aisle at Borders.  It’s not. Recently, Fortune ran a piece asking all sorts of industry luminaries about the best advice they ever got — from their mentors, their bosses, their parents, whomever.  The entire article is worth reading, but what stuck with us


Ground Rules

The first order of business, of course, is to explain what this place is and isn’t.  That’s always helpful when it comes to company blogs, because when they’re done right they’re spectacular, but done poorly they lead to nothing but treachery and despair.  So I’d like to get things going on the right foot. This