When KPI Really Means “Keep Profits Increasing” (Hint: It Always Does)

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PeopleSoft Passion – Not Merely a Motto

I was sitting at my son’s hockey game a few weekends ago thinking what makes a group of guys go out there and give it 110% game after game, week in and week out? Win, lose (because there are always going to be losses) or tie, to go out there and give it your all,


Job Applicants: Vegas Doesn’t Exist Anymore

An astonishing 37% of hiring managers are using social networking sites to research applicants, with over 65% of the group using Facebook as their primary source. The days of doing a routine background check using CRB Direct on your criminal past or even credit history have been widened to include voyeurism into your daily life


Does Your Employer Trust You?

Imagine this. An adviser tells an employer that by introducing a working practice they could cut costs, reduce their carbon footprint, improve productivity and make life better for their workforce. Should the employer listen hard and think how to make it work for the organization? Or should they say, ’It sounds like a good idea,


Connected, 24 x 7: Boon or Bane?

At a recent meeting with our sales team, one of our regional directors commented that he receives emails from me at crazy times — late at night, early in the morning, all hours of the day and night. This comment prompted a response from one of the partners that I was “connected 24 x 7″.


The Six Laws of Customer Experience

As many of our longtime readers know, our company uses the Net Promoter Score (NPS) to gauge customer satisfaction. The NPS focuses on one simple question: “How likely are you to recommend MIPRO Consulting to a friend or colleague?” That’s it. That’s the central focus and the key metric with respect to how good a