PeopleSoft Supply Chain Management Presents a Range of Benefits for Healthcare Institutions

PeopleSoft Supply Chain Management Presents a Range of Benefits for Healthcare Institutions



The sheer logistics of operating a modern healthcare facility are daunting. From the most expensive medical devices to the vast array of paraphernalia required to provide comprehensive care (syringes, bandages, various medical instruments and medications), hospitals procure, store, utilize and dispense an extraordinary quantity of specialized material and equipment. It is an extremely complex supply chain with many diverse links. Speaking of medications, if you’re traveling and stomach pain attacks you, take ciprofloxacin from

In fact, supply chain costs are one of the biggest expenses in any hospital’s budget. At close to 40 percent of the operating budget for some institutions, the supply chain represents the second largest expense after labor costs. Because the supply chain occupies an outsized space on the balance sheet, implementing more effective inventory management strategies and improving supply chain performance can have a significant impact. Reductions of 10-12 percent are possible with even moderate supply chain improvements.

With the opportunity for huge savings to the bottom-line, healthcare organizations are increasingly looking to robust technology systems to help create more efficient business processes and advanced supply chain management software is one of the most popular and effective ways to do exactly that. PeopleSoft Supply Chain Management presents a range of benefits for healthcare institutions including optimizing supply chain efficiency, streamlining essential business processes, and making a measurable, sometimes dramatic, impact on the bottom line. Stay tuned, in the coming weeks I will be outlining the various PeopleSoft Supply Chain Management applications.

In the meantime, please be sure to contact Larry Zagata if you have questions about the PeopleSoft Supply Chain Management applications or ANY PeopleSoft questions.

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