Improve Your Efficiency with PeopleSoft – Part 2

Improve Your Efficiency with PeopleSoft – Part 2

PeopleSoft WorkCenters are another great tool to Improve Efficiency

Last week on our blog we talked about one way to easily improve your efficiency with PeopleSoft – personalized Homepage Dashboards! If you missed last week’s blog – click here to see what you missed.

Today, we are going to talk about another way to improve your efficiency even more with PeopleSoft Personalized WorkCenters. Workcenters allow your users to greatly improve their ability to manage and prioritize work. Below is an example of an AP WorkCenter Page.

AP WorkCenter Dashboard

WorkCenters also provide the same valuable information as a Homepage Dashboard. Down the left- hand side we have a space labeled “My Work” and it breaks down vouchers into numerous rows and additionally provides a row count for each row. Ultimately, this provides valuable information that users can see at a glance about their transactions. The section labeled “Links” provides easy access to menu paths designated by your users which speeds navigation. Within the WorkCenter, as with Personalized Homepages, your users can access query results with drill down capabilities.

The bottom line with Homepage Dashboards and WorkCenters is that you can clearly increase your efficiency and improve your effectiveness by better identifying your priorities. The best part is that setting these up does not require engineering new business processes or creating any new customizations. It really just involves taking advantage of and configuring delivered functionality. Now is the time to get started on configuring Dashboards & WorkCenters. Your users will thank you!

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If you have any questions about personalized WorkCenters or Dashboards please email me or Larry Zagata.

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