Blogging About Blogging

Blogging About Blogging

We are fortunate – very fortunate actually – to have a very talented team of managers, consultants and sales professionals here at MIPRO.  Every day, you, our daily readers, have the opportunity to read something new, exciting (we hope) and in most cases of high value (we really hope), here on our blog.  And for those of you who visit us every day know that the real treat comes on Fridays when Jeff Ventura launches into a very entertaining, creative string of thoughts, opinions and links! (Ed. Note: Even though we let him do most of the writing here, we are well aware that Jeff Ventura is a strange person.) I cannot, nor will I try, to compete.

But, it does cause me to think about blogging and why it has become a very important tool of communication.  Has it replaced methods of communication?  Not sure.  But it certainly is a highly effective method of reaching a vast community of people with common interests.  Something we never could have done even just a few short years ago.   Think about how we used to reach our customers with an announcement.  It used to go something like this.  Sound familiar?

  1. We’d have an internal meeting about what ‘message’ we want to send.
  2. We’d hire a graphic artist and a tech writer to capture our ideas.
  3. They would have their own meeting to discuss what they heard in our meeting
  4. A follow up meeting in most cases would be necessary for clarification and follow up questions.
  5. Then, they would create a draft of the message for us to review.
  6. We would edit and send back.
  7. Final edits would be completed and sent back for final review.
  9. We’d go to print.
  10. We’d wait for print job to be completed (hopefully we weren’t too far down in the queue).
  11. Final print docs are returned.
  12. We’d mail and/or distribute to our customers.
  13. Profit?

And, that my friends, was the de facto way to get information to our clients back in ‘the day’ — to a very contained list of companies and contacts. Today, the process goes like this:

  1. We have an idea that we want to share.
  2. With editorial guidelines and a modicum of discretion in place, we publish our thoughts and news here on this blog every day; it’s there for countless visitors to read and, if they so choose, share.
  3. Profit!

In our case, what began as 10 readers a month grew to 5,000 in the space of a year and a half.

Blogs and blogging are just a bit mind boggling (pardon the alliteration!) if you really stop to think about it.  Content is king, but to stop on occasion and realize effectiveness of these new methods is worth the consideration.


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