When Experience Tell Us to No-Bid a PeopleSoft Deal

Gayla Burns, Author at MIPRO

Looking Beyond the Obvious Applications of Maintenance Management

Is disaster just a mistake away? The annual Maintenance Management Summit is quickly approaching and our team is fast and furious in preparation.  I always enjoy being part of the planning process and then watching it all come together.  We are also attending the Alliance (formerly known as HEUG) Conference as well. The PeopleSoft Asset


Intuitive vs. Innate vs. Taught

A MIPRO colleague and I recently visited a client to conduct a post-project review.  The standard procedure of asking our customer how we did on the engagement can be both enjoyable and painful, but it is always productive.  This particular post-project review offered praise and critique which we take very seriously and do our best


Blogging About Blogging

We are fortunate – very fortunate actually – to have a very talented team of managers, consultants and sales professionals here at MIPRO.  Every day, you, our daily readers, have the opportunity to read something new, exciting (we hope) and in most cases of high value (we really hope), here on our blog.  And for


‘Just In Case’

Recently, it was reported right here on this blog that I purchased an iPad. For those who know me, yes, this was a significant event. Now that a few months have passed, I’d like to offer an update.  Because here’s the backstory: even though I live and breathe PeopleSoft and ERP and professional services, I’m