Quick Look: PeopleSoft Asset Lifecycle Management (ALM) 9.1 Enhancements

Quick Look: PeopleSoft Asset Lifecycle Management (ALM) 9.1 Enhancements

We had a huge response to our high-level discussion of what’s coming in theasset management upcoming release of PeopleSoft Financials 9.1.  Today, we will focus on PeopleSoft’s Asset Life Cycle Management (ALM) product line. If you have been reading any of our previous posts, you understand that the ALM suite consists of the following products:

  • Asset Management – this is the core application within the ALM suite. It is the asset repository of record and provides the ability to track all the information related to an asset, including both operational and financial data.
  • Maintenance Management (MM) – the Maintenance Management module allows you to track service requests, work orders and preventive maintenance in addition to reporting and analysis of asset TCO.
  • IT Asset Management (ITAM) – Provides the ability to track and manage your IT assets (both hardware and software) and their financial impacts to the organization.
  • Real Estate Management (REM) – Provides the ability to track leases (as either the landlord or as a tenant) and to manage costs intelligently.

For the upcoming 9.1 release of PeopleSoft ALM, I have highlighted the key enhancements for each product. Note that I have not listed all of them, but you can always hit Metalink3 (login required) for the (far) more granular picture.

Asset Management 9.1 Enhancements

  • Retirement Options Enhancements – Provides some advanced options for handling of asset gains/losses
  • Capitalization Thresholds – Provides the ability to define capitalization thresholds to better ensure compliance with company capitalization rules
  • Group Asset Enhancements – provides a bevy of new features to better track group assets
  • Global Reporting– Enhancements to track IAS 40, FAS 157 and Bonus Depreciation

IT Asset Management 9.1 Enhancements

  • Improvements to Global Reporting
  • Improvement to GUI and overall usability
  • Improvements related to integration with discovery software providers

Maintenance Management 9.1 Enhancements

  • Improvements to usability – Better GUI for Service Requests and Work Orders, all developed from customer feedback
  • Equipment Parts Lists refinement – improvements that make it easier to update and manage the EPL
  • Improved integration with third-party mobile providers (open API, so no lock-in)
  • GIS Integration – delivers integration to third-party GIS applications along with the ability to display asset information on a map
  • Improved Preventive Maintenance – more options for managing preventive maintenance including tracking of major and minor schedules and the ability to mass update preventive maintenance schedules

Real Estate Management 9.1 Enhancements

  • New Business Process – support for the property site selection and acquisition process
  • Advanced lease monitoring options
  • Additional options for overriding lease accounting rules
  • Added seven (7) additional percentage rent calculation methods
  • Improvement to the common area maintenance audit process

That’s the high level stuff.  Again, Metalink3 has the PeopleSoft Release Release Value Proposition document (login required), and it goes into a far deeper picture than I can here.

Another reminder: we get asked everyday about PeopleSoft 9.1, and interest is only growing (if our server logs are credible).  I invite you to email me (seriously!) or leave a comment below if you’d like to talk to us about upgrading or implementing 9.1 for your organization, especially if you’re looking at the PeopleSoft ALM suite.  We’d love to talk to you, and we’re confident we can help you formulate a strategy around your PeopleSoft 9.1 plans.  We’ve done so for many clients already, and Oracle turns to us for ALM expertise with increasing frequency.


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