Life’s Unexpected Lessons

Life’s Unexpected Lessons

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Not too long ago I attended a 1-day seminar titled “Essential Skills for the First Time Manager.” I thought it would be a day filled with useful information about how to effectively manage people, how to give not only positive feedback but also provide “constructive criticism” in a way that would foster growth, not resentment, and how I could motivate people to want to do their very best each and every day, to truly work to their full potential. Basically, if you are going to manage people, how to do it like a rock star!

While I did learn some of those things, the one thing that really stuck with me, that really made me think and gave me one of those “wow, I never thought of that” moments was this question that the leader posed: “How can YOU be a better employee to YOUR manager?” I am embarrassed to admit that I have never thought of that. Anyone else out there in those same shoes? Anyone else never think of this? If so, welcome to my world – here are some things to think about; if not, kudos to you and think of this as a refresher.

  1. Align yourself with your boss.
  2. Complement (not compliment) their style and approach.
  3. Stay ahead of the curve; be proactive.
  4. Make your boss look good.
  5. Never criticize your boss with co-workers.
  6. Support your boss’ goals and activities.
  7. Like the customer, your boss is always right.

I love the quote by Vernon Howard, “Always walk through life as if you have something new to learn and you will.” Just be ready to be surprised by what that something new is!

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